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For putting funny posts in forum.Makes me laugh .Keep them up please.🤣🤣🤣
2019-02-26 17:32:07
Happppy Birthday hunni have a wonderful day :) xx
2019-02-22 20:09:17
Happy Birthday.
2019-02-22 15:02:42
thanx for all your help my friend
2019-02-17 09:33:31
Thank you for your wonderful tutorial hunni :) xx https://torrentgalaxy.xyz/forums.php?action=viewtopic&topicid=783&page=last#last
2019-02-10 17:22:41
Thanks for the c cleaner +5 :)
2019-01-26 04:41:16
Thank you for your caring attitude SaM
2019-01-21 10:37:43
For being helpful and always present to support site Thankyou for everything pal :)
2019-01-01 16:19:14
A man of many talents always helping out and for always being positive take a high 5 :P
2019-01-01 15:23:37
thank you for the sweet Comment :)
2018-12-31 14:05:32
For loving my BOOBS
2018-12-07 10:13:13
Thank you for providing useful info for staff
2018-12-01 15:09:53
Thanks for all the shares keep them coming
2018-11-28 09:43:41
For always helping members thank you hunni :) xx
2018-11-05 22:59:55
Just for being a gentleman.Helped me out big time in the forum.
2018-10-07 21:32:47
Thanks for being there for people and all of your help in the threads....
2018-10-05 22:51:48
Always helping out :)
2018-10-02 20:07:08
good forum work thanx
2018-09-28 20:13:00
Hahaha Wow those lovely boobs really suit you SaM.. +5 just in case you decide to go up another size which i believe would suit too. Thanks for the laughs in the forum Bud (:
2018-09-22 11:44:01
Thanks for commenting and for helping with seeding! :)
2018-09-21 17:51:01
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Great quality with suitable file size. thanks, uploader! A/10 V/10 :)
2019-04-03 16:25:45
thanks, good quality and a nice movie :)
2019-04-02 05:21:49
It is HC-HDRip, not Proper HDRip. please avoid misleading. Anyways, thanks!
2019-03-25 20:31:40
Thanks a bunch, for this helpful book. as you know windows 10 users never stop learning, Solutions & tricks always required to make OS stable according to new features jump in via updates. :) Once again thanks, my friend!
2019-03-24 01:08:44
@overdo7 Seed for what if something already well seeded and completely downloadable without any issue. Anyways, thanks for dropping by. have a nice day!
2019-03-10 20:52:28
thanks for share, good quality and season :)
2019-02-16 23:10:53
Thanks for share, good job :)
2019-02-16 23:09:57
Cheers, thanks for upload :)
2019-02-10 20:20:00
thanks a bunch, nice quality and sound. V/6 A/6 :)
2019-02-10 20:19:14
thanks much appreciated. :)
2019-02-10 20:17:11
Completely superb quality with great bitrates & good file size. Thanks a bunch buddy, been looking for this very badly. :) A/10 V/10
2019-01-03 17:24:19
Looking forward to Season 2, i hope i will get that season too :)
2018-12-29 19:15:33
Thanks a bunch, been waiting for BRRip and now patience has been gone. :) A/10 V/10 Cheers! !will seed it for a while!
2018-12-01 14:44:55
Thanks, will check it out tonight. :)
2018-11-14 12:48:44
Thanks, i love this kind of Adventure movies, i will definitely watch it once i finish downloading. :)
2018-10-25 20:56:38
thanks for share :)
2018-09-30 14:01:20
Thanks a bunch buddy :)
2018-09-30 14:00:45
Nice. thanks for sharing :)
2018-08-28 16:40:07
Cheers! thanks buddy, i will grab it for sure :)
2018-07-25 16:44:43
great share :)
2018-07-03 03:12:40
Thanks for share :)
2018-06-27 22:47:15
Thanks for sharing :)
2018-06-18 07:03:51
A/10 V/10 superb share, thanks BurtonC :)
2018-06-11 19:40:43
Thanks for sharing :)
2018-06-11 03:57:10
thanks for sharing! nice book :)
2018-06-10 00:19:07
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[quote=DittoHead] [center][img width=700]https://veryfunnypics.eu/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/funny-pictures-the-brain-is-an-app.jpg[/img][/center] [/quote] Indeed, plus they will also try to Crack...
2019-04-12 01:35:46
[img]https://i.imgur.com/5tVFTkb.jpg[/img] :D
2019-04-10 19:38:16
[img]https://i.imgur.com/HcTg6qr.jpg[/img] :D LOL
2019-04-10 15:39:11
[img]https://i.imgur.com/OpbWg8w.jpg[/img] :D
2019-04-09 15:51:49
[quote=perfectstan] So, i'm confused, whether to continue uploading in compressed .tar.gz file format, or to upload ebooks without compression. A little insight will be helpful... [/quote] Open ...
2019-04-07 17:32:40
Congratulations [user=MissKitti] well deserved and thanks for such valuable words. :) And [user=LRS] yes, he indeed a dearest and he is a gem on TGx and he was at ET as well. I honestly don't know ...
2019-04-04 21:23:59
[quote=perfectstan] Need help. 'll be grateful. https://torrentgalaxy.xyz/torrent/112784/The-Woman-Who-Spoke-to-Spirits---Alys-Clare--EN-EPUB---ebook---ps--tar-gz https://torrentgalaxy.xyz/torre...
2019-04-04 16:33:11
Not a site problem. and I wasn't satisfied to report a torrent if IMDb detail does not fit on a torrent. That's why I'm here asking this way. Torrent: https://torrentgalaxy.xyz/torrent/105371/Gali-...
2019-04-03 16:42:14
[quote=perfectstan] Will anyone adopt my torrents for seeding...i'll be grateful. https://torrentgalaxy.xyz/torrent/111977/Blaze---Monique-Martin--EN-EPUB---ebook---ps--tar-gz https://torrentgal...
2019-04-02 17:31:07
[quote=eastislandchief]How long is enough to seed this before I can stop seeding and move onto my next release? [/quote] Just trying to make it easy. continue reading. • [b]Seeders[/b]: seede...
2019-03-31 18:20:38
[quote=roach] hey guys would it be possible to put AFG internal tv torrents on seem to have stop on a few sites a few weeks ago also EVO torrents be done in AVI AVI if not all good [/quote] Sear...
2019-03-27 08:13:12
[quote=ellobo] I used malwarebytes I think it works... [/quote] Next time, check your browser probably it may contain unwanted adware or player add-ons automatically that cause problem, you can si...
2019-03-27 07:09:28
[quote=palahubogTPB] Other staff should be able to take over a pending moderation because some of them don't have the time. The torrent was uploaded like less than 5 minutes and someone put it into m...
2019-03-24 00:57:20
[img]http://extraimg.com/images/10465460-4819460-9f611b2e72a0f2dcdb4b04db76d66f6de4beb7fa-1500-1-1551250581-728-f64fa62d49-1551337358db15e.jpg[/img] Sometimes, shit happens become horrible… :D :-...
2019-03-22 17:41:16
Indeed [user=LRS] a full breakdown, how could I forget that, Thanks to [user=Angelina] for spending her very valuable time to create these helpful and such needed tutorials here and there. Cheers! :)
2019-03-22 14:57:09
[quote=sherbetdab] You are a star [user=LRS] Thank you [/quote] Yes, he is a Star, always :) And for further understanding of BB-Codes that works here, Kindly check this topic: https://torren...
2019-03-22 14:27:01
2019-03-22 14:23:50
2019-03-21 19:57:31
[quote=AliTpb]You should do that too it feels so good when you are invited plus it will increase site popularity more fast [/quote] [b]Popularity[/b] > Somewhere someone somehow searches a file on...
2019-03-21 18:31:17
Only staff are allowed to post tracker lists.
2019-03-17 17:30:02
[quote=Mafketel] [quote=Itsmerohan99] Can anyone please upload below udemy course. [url]https://www.udemy.com/ccnav3-routing-and-switching-200-125-ccnax-with-baldev/?fbclid=IwAR0SqtI1vpCOyINfSwnU8W...
2019-03-17 14:22:29
Hi there, I'm unable to figure out one thing that I really wonder to know. Does both of these or any of this Support [b]4k[/b]? https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/65694/intel-co...
2019-03-17 12:32:26
[quote=iCMAL] I don't like torrentleech.org. It's ridiculous. I have more kinds of faster iptorrents love. FOR INVITATION If you want a torrentleech.org invitation, do chrome translate and have ...
2019-03-16 20:26:53
[quote=ellobo] Hi there, it might not be the proper thread but here I go. I downloaded a bunch of movies showing AVI extension. VLC does play them, so I select Windows Media, which gives me this...
2019-03-13 11:42:10
[quote=JRoachy] A Madea’s Family Funeral https://www.imdb.com/title/tt7054636/?ref_=shtt_ov_tt [/quote] It's available in CAM, uploaded 4th March 2019. https://torrentgalaxy.xyz/torrent/99898/A-M...
2019-03-09 02:11:21
Sure why not, Let's have fun begin and i will catch after an hour or 2, Going out with wife. :) Brb [i][Btw, I'm sure you peoples may love my images collection.][/i] [img]https://i.imgur.com/qrJv...
2019-03-08 17:06:17
[quote=LRS] .........................the uploader will be informed of problems.[/quote] I couldn't control myself to describe this once forever, [b]LRS[/b], Well done, there are a bunch of languag...
2019-03-07 17:06:32
2019-03-07 16:44:34
Claiming it
2019-03-07 16:33:41
2019-03-07 00:39:19
8.25 MB
14/04/19 00:47
19.35 MB
14/04/19 00:41

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I see were you are going for.... Only one left to get.... But that's a hard one tho
2018-09-21 22:40:22
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Requested by user.
2018-09-20 17:42:59
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Thanks for your never ending input on matters.
2018-09-20 17:42:48
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2018-06-30 19:43:50
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2018-06-19 19:20:08
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He sure is :)
2018-06-07 10:35:40
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Thanks for your help and activity on the site.
2018-06-04 21:36:22
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2018-06-04 19:53:09
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:_kitty: Kitty
A small gift thats trashing my home! plz look after this kitty it's stinking up the place as it won't use the litter tray... feed it...care for it but most of all love it :P
2018-06-04 19:33:07
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